Our newest spot.

Arts & Minds has a spot.

A good SPOT. We are so lucky to partner with the fitness queens of Hot Mamas Exercise, and the Denver landmark Church In the City Beth Abraham. Hot Mamas Exercise relocated to Colfax Ave, and their hot new space is rockin’. Church in the City has shared their community and unlimited space so we can create with your kids.

Where is our Childcare spot located? INSIDE Church in the City. Park in their lot, and walk around to be buzzed into their main entrance on 16th and York. After you drop off your cuties, walk one block across Colfax directly into Hot Mamas Exercise’s doors.

What we are doing? Offering a meaningful childcare experience for kids of all ages during Hot Mamas’ morning classes.

Meaningful Childcare = Movement and Creative Arts with your littlest ones.

You can register from one hour up to three. During the 8:30 and 10:30 hours, Arts & Minds Staff will lead a yoga or dance class, have story time, and engage in a developmentally appropriate art activity.

Oh yea, you can also purchase snacks each day. Just let us know when you drop off your kids.

At 9:30 daily, we will have an Arts & Minds class. YOGA, ART, DRAMA, COMMUNITY PROJECTS. Keep your eyes wide for opportunities for your kids to Give Back to our community partners.

What about the babies? Your baby engage in a fulfilling sensory experience… sensory play, socialization, music, and massage time.

Do you have to work out? Well, you should cause these classes are awesome. Register for 1 or 2 classes (I’ll see you there most mornings), run an errand, grab coffee, or shop in Teddi B’s.

How do you register for childcare? https://hotmamasexercise.com/sign-up-for-class/

Stay tuned… November, we are launching After-School Classes, Camps during school breaks, and our packages.

Questions? Email me. Text me. Call me. Message me.

My staff and I can’t wait to see what your kids create!!!!

xoxo Rebecca

646.369.6077 / info@artsandmindskids.com

Camp Champ

My friends at Camp Champ are more excited about Summer than I am. They are not counselors, or campers - just dads. And, they aren't trying to get rid of their kids! 

Bret Wilholte and Andy Schlauch are Denver parents like us, who are making things super easy for you and I this Summer. I talk to countless friends, with Summer Spreadsheets, angst, and SO MANY PLANS for their kids in the Summer. I run camps and it stresses me out planning for my 8 and 5 year old. 

Camp Champ streamlines this. Like, way easier than the text chain that you are currently engaging in. So if you want an easier Summer, check them out. If you want to coordinate with your kids' crew, or your mom friends - check them out. 

I have a few spots for camp that will be offered weekly through them. If you plan on having MOM - KID WEEK, and chicken out  - Camp Champ is your go to. 

If you have scattered friends all over the city and are trying to coordinate a week of Summer Awesomeness - Camp Champ is your go to. 

Hope to see your kids in my camps, or at drop off at one of the other million, fabulous Summer offerings that we will hopefully try to make it to between June and August. 

                                   Thanks Bret and Andy, I look forward to spending Summer with y'all, 

                                                                                                                          xoxo Rebecca 


rebecca kanov
A Gift for YOU!

School is here. And, woah - what an adjustment. We had a BLAST this summer! In between Arts & Minds Camps, the Kanov Kids and I explored and experienced our state. We usually travel more than we did. But this year, we stayed put. 


Which we have never actually done. I went to so many crowded family places against my wishes- and the kids rode every possible ride that they were tall and big enough for. We watched a TON of movies - more than I'm actually comfortable with. And, now - 


I sound mean. The kids told me that. And, when I see it written - it feels rigid. 

The Fun doesn't have to be over, it just looks different. Instead of Soda we have Smoothies. Instead of Movies, we have Live Stream Concerts, and Instead of Camp, we have Enrichments.

And, we have 14 ENRICHMENT CLASSES running this Fall, y'all. 

I am so lucky to have a ton of support from friends in our community. So that means, YOU sign up for class, YOU get a present! 

Say thanks to my friends at Hot Mamas Exercise, Coleen Sanders, Chaos and Cream, Tender Belly, Women in Balance, Wee Cycle, Ivivva, exlLearning cause they're hookin' you up. 

This Fall, y'all, we're taking a trip around the Globe through Movement and Creative Arts. My intention of to raise our children's awareness of their space in the world. What can they do to impact their community? Children have the power to make changes. We are going to GIVE BACK at every location. 

Your children will decide how this looks, what they create, what they GIVE, and to whom. My amazing team and I, will frame this for them. I can't wait to see what they create. 

Thank you for your continued support,

Love, Rebecca  



Art, Art, and more Art

Wowza, what a fun start to Summer. We have created, planted, played, collaborated and learned. Arts & Minds Camps are a blast!

Off all the Camps I have planned for this Summer

I am most excited for ALL ABOUT ART WEEK June 26th – June 30th.

All About Art is exciting because of 3 reasons

  • Making a Mess: Sensory Play is necessary for kids and adults of ALL AGES. And messy art will do it! 

  • Making our Mark: We have the great opportunity to contribute to the Community Garden at the Denver Green School. We've already planted some lettuce and herbs, let's watch them grow, and make some edible Art.


  • Art Show: We'll have an Art Show for Families at all THREE locations on Friday June 30th. Stay tuned if your kiddo attends with details. 

We're teaching our children at Camp, its about the process not product. We (children and adults) are SO proud of ourselves when we create something new.  We want our littles to enjoy how it feels to create regardless of what the outcome is. My Counselors and I's goal is to support our littles through their own discovery and creation. At Arts & Minds, Art is explored through encouragement and reflection.

You may here your kiddo say, “My counselor told me she loves my color choice.” Rather than, “I drew a perfect yellow Sun.” If your kiddo wants to color the Sun Lime Green, that's just fine with us!

One of my family's favorite books is The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Dewalt. In this book, “Black (crayon) wants to be used for more than just outlining!” We love the revolt again conformity and how this book celebrates creative expression. My kids don't necessarily say this, but they get the gist.

Children are intuitively creative, they have nothing but imagination. It is the MOST fun exploring this with them, because they really do come up with the coolest stuff. Bring it on little artists! 

Registration is still available at all three locations.

I can't wait to show y'all what we come up with....

xoxo, Rebecca 

Summer is so close, I can taste the candy.

The last week of school is upon us... 

Its bittersweet for some of us, scary as hell for some of us, and exciting for some of us.

I love no schedule, in theory.... I'm super busy running camps of my own this summer, so I have to schedule in the "No Schedule" 

Every Summer we do a "Summer Fun List" with my kids...

1. a whole day watching TV

-that's the only thing on the list so far. 

Am I screwed? Right now, I think I am - because they told me - they just want to watch TV and eat candy... ALL DAY. 

I'm nervous for the moment when they say "I'm bored, I want candy."

Why always candy??? Is it because I have scared them of rotting teeth and sugar, and they're teasing me? probably.... 


Full disclosure... I'm excited for the Summer!

I like having my kids around so much.  As much as I am "OUT AND ABOUT," I prefer to be home with my babies.  They're hilarious and adorable 90% of the time, so selfishly I want them with me. I want to hear their cuteness for the first time.

I like them with me at my camps (90% of the time). It's confusing when Mom = Teacher, ya know?! 

I especially enjoy them on lazy days snuggling watching TV. I'm more into coffee, than candy on those days, but who cares. 

What I am most excited for the moment, when I pick them up from an awesome day of camp (not mine) and they say - THAT WAS AWESOME!!! Because that 10% when they are NOT with me, I really want them to be doing something meaningful and worthwhile....

It also means, we all did our thang.

                                          NOT TOGETHER.

                                                         Had time to miss each other.

                                                              Then regrouped for dinner in the park, or whatever... Candy. 


Happy Mom = Happy Kids

When my kids are happy, I am happy.  

Who can't relate to that?

This Mother's Day, my children gave me adorable, thoughtful handmade gifts. 

  • Flower Pot "Because I love to plant flowers...." Even though i can't keep them alive for long, they remind me. 
  • Super Hero Picture "All Moms are Super Hero's, duh." My Super Power is MOMMY MAGIC!!!! 
  • Selfie of my 4 year old "We love to take selfies together in the Sun" 
  • "Breakfast of my dreams" in bed... There is sat, with my delicious eggs...and an apple, all by myself in my room. My kids were playing and laughing with my husband. How was I supposed to relax when I had major FOMO? 

I wanted to be playing and laughing, making breakfast! 

When my kids are laughing and creating memories, I don't want to miss that. 

AND, there are times when I do not want to be with my kids.

(Besides when I'm going to the bathroom, getting my hair colored, or shopping in a beautiful boutique).

Here's my NO List:

  • SCHOOL, for very long. Let their amazing teachers teach them. I will come to volunteer, eat lunch, see a talent show, and teach in their Enrichment Programs . But, the Kanov Kids do much better engaging with other adults when I am not around. 
  • ANY AMUSEMENT PARK. Yea, I can't do it. Disney is going to be a HUGE discussion. 
  • BIRTHDAY PARTIES. Unless I'm hosting, organizing and running it, or there's wine. Now that my babies are not babies, the party is for the kids more than the parents. I love catching up with my mom friends, but can't we drop off and go to a beautiful boutique? 

When I do want my little cuties around... Summer Camp!!!

Kanov Kids = SO EXCITED. Their friends are coming to my camps, they are witnessing the planning in action. We've got the Garden, organized the Yoga Mats. They can't wait. Our house is especially pumped for: 

Yoga in the Garden

Art Shows


Dance Performances


Registration is OPEN. Get in the mix before we sell out. Questions? You can always reach me.... 

Rebecca Kanov

646-369-6077 / info@artsandmindskids.com


Stay in the moment? Dare me...

The days are long, but the years are short. Is that what they say? My day started at 6:30am and at 9:00pm my youngest was just asleep. LONG DAY.

After school, music, dinner, baths. I told my kids they could pick 4 books, and lay in MY bed to read, since Daddy wasn't home. My favorite place to read :) My son chose Amelia Bedelia, and inside it read “ To our sweet baby Amelia. We hope you love these Amelia Bedelia books! Enjoy your first one. Love, Mommy and Daddy 2/12/2013.

She was barely 2 months when I wrote that! I didn't remember buying the book...baby fog is for real, y'all. Now, I can't believe she's four, sassy as hell, and talking on her pretend phone/hand to her make believe mermaid friends. That was a FAST four years.

When my babies were babies I was so excited about the next... everything.

Don't get me wrong, I was so sad when I folded away the monogrammed newborn clothes. Taking down the crib? I took to the bed in depression! When my son went to Kindergarten, It was a very big deal for ME – he was fine and thrilled.

As our babies grow, and we spend 15 hours with very chatty four year olds, it is HARD to remember to stay in the moment. I have been trying to get in the bed for hours, it was all I was thinking about!

When I was getting yelled at, cleaning up breakfast, lunch, dinner and a hot chocolate disaster, I can't say I was enjoying myself. But, my son ran in the door and told me he loved me, I walk around the park very slowly. I hypothesized how the Earth was started, and if we could name our own state, and watched the most adorable ballet class. Those things were pretty awesome.

The best was just before little Amelia went to sleep she did say, “Mommy, when I'm 16 I will still let you tickle my back.” I swear I'll hold her to it. 

Enjoy some QT with your babies at Firebird Books and Toys on May 4th at 11:00am for a 60 minute class. Click here for more info! 

Spring Goals

Winter just flew by with Enrichments across Denver.  We had a blast! The kids made Journals, presents for our family and schools, and created movement stories with friends. We ended our Steele Elementary Session with an amazing Sound Off Experience Movement Class. Yoga, Dance, Ivivva Clothes, and Headphones!!! Big shout out to my buddy, Cheryl Spriggs for the amazing snaps.

My little yogis LOVED the class - I loved our connection through the headphones. 


Tree Pose 

Tree Pose 

Lizard on a Rock 

Lizard on a Rock 

 Spring is here, and in the Kanov House that means – get outside! We are obsessed with tank tops, lemonade, walks at the park. Spring Enrichments are underway. Keeping in mind, most of Denver wants to be outside in the beautiful sunshine, I wonder – how can we bring the outside in through Movement and Creative Arts? 

This Spring in Enrichments, we are continuing to explore aspects of our personality and what makes us happy, sad, feel safe, scared, and like a super hero. We’re making Spring Goal Journals, Gardening Movement Stories, and playing Freeze Dance with playground shapes.  

My kids, who are 4 and 7, have lots of input into my classes and camps. They don’t always love coming to my classes but when they do, they dive right in.  This past week, the Kanov Kids were in attendance for an Enrichment Session as we made our goals for our Spring Session: 

Freeze Dance

Special Treats (non-edible ones)

Partner Yoga with Headphones… all made the top three. 

When we were headed home, my littlest asked, “Well, what are our Spring Goals?” This was great, because our discussion turned from “Why can’t I play my iPad today?” which I was grateful not to revisit, AGAIN.

So here are the Kanov Kids top THREE…. 


1. Fairy Garden: Tooth Fairy, Potty Fairy, and Karma Fairy have been visitors in the Kanov House. Wonder who will show up next!? Let’s plant it, and see. I think the Gratitude Fairy is close. 

2. Zucchini Bread: Any way to get my kids baking. Baking = math skills, sensory development, increased awareness into diet. And, Zucchini bread is delish! 

3. Bike Riding: My darling husband read somewhere that kids should learn to ride a bike going down a hill. So last summer, he decided to take my then 6 year old to the park and let him ride down a hill, and my son steered right INTO A TREE! Its taken a while for him to even touch his bike. The trauma was real…. But now were back, and I have high hopes for my 7 year old.

Want to see Enrichments (Headphones, optional) at your school next Spring? Email me! Want to Garden? Join us this Summer any Arts & Minds Half or Full Day Camp. We got a Garden plot! 


March Blog 2017

3 Things I’ve Learned from Kid Yogis

Meet Rachael.... Arts & Mind's Intern Extraordinaire / Enrichment Teacher / Kid Whisperer. 

We love Rach - and she loves teaching Kids... This is why. 

When I started my personal yoga practice, I understood yoga to be a time when you came to your mat to digest and unwind from all of life’s insanity. But since becoming certified to teach children’s yoga, every yoga class I’ve taught has shown me that yoga is so much more than just a space to decompress. 


1. Yoga is FUN

While yoga is a great space to center yourself and be serious, there is an opportunity to be playful and relaxed, which is one of the biggest things I have learned from little yogis. Fall out of tree pose? Instead of getting frustrated that your balance is off that day and allowing that frustration to fester, giggle at the silliness that is ‘fallen tree pose’ and move on! There is no reason to expect progress to be linear, which I am guilty of occasionally accepting as fact. 


2. Yoga is so much more than just the poses

It’s easy to get caught up in the physical asana of yoga when your practice is based around the hour you spend practicing different poses, but in kids yoga the format of a class is different. We spend time on breathing, or pranayama, in every class I teach. We also take time to practice yoga off the mat by doing things like picking up trash in our community to creating thank you cards for our school!


3. everyBODY can do yoga!

I sometimes look around a yoga class and see that everyone is similar in their needs, they all seem to be able-bodied and are able to focus on the teacher long enough to finish the class. In kids’ yoga, little yogis come from all over the board! I’ve had children with physical impairments be my MVY (most valuable yogi) and it’s a surprise if I don’t have at least one child who struggles with hypersensitivity in each class. But you know what? The unique characteristics that each kid brings to our class is what makes teaching kids so much fun! Yoga offers the opportunity to learn and grow, and everyone is entitled to that chance.