Camp Champ

My friends at Camp Champ are more excited about Summer than I am. They are not counselors, or campers - just dads. And, they aren't trying to get rid of their kids! 

Bret Wilholte and Andy Schlauch are Denver parents like us, who are making things super easy for you and I this Summer. I talk to countless friends, with Summer Spreadsheets, angst, and SO MANY PLANS for their kids in the Summer. I run camps and it stresses me out planning for my 8 and 5 year old. 

Camp Champ streamlines this. Like, way easier than the text chain that you are currently engaging in. So if you want an easier Summer, check them out. If you want to coordinate with your kids' crew, or your mom friends - check them out. 

I have a few spots for camp that will be offered weekly through them. If you plan on having MOM - KID WEEK, and chicken out  - Camp Champ is your go to. 

If you have scattered friends all over the city and are trying to coordinate a week of Summer Awesomeness - Camp Champ is your go to. 

Hope to see your kids in my camps, or at drop off at one of the other million, fabulous Summer offerings that we will hopefully try to make it to between June and August. 

                                   Thanks Bret and Andy, I look forward to spending Summer with y'all, 

                                                                                                                          xoxo Rebecca 


rebecca kanov