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You can find Arts & Minds Staff at the base of a mountain, in a park, or at your neighborhood school or community center. STAY IN TOUCH for upcoming Events and POP up classes throughout Denver. 

Arts & Minds brings a creative spin to any event. We can establish a community project, offer a yoga/dance class, or custom art projects for your crew! 

Have a group of kids with a day - off school? We're here for you. Arts + Minds Staff can show up at your house, with creative and meaningful activities for a whole day. 

Back to School? Arts & Minds can provide meaningful, creative activities for your child's new classmates. We come to you, and offer team building activities AND support for parents through transition. 


Movement and Creative Arts for Preteens: Let’s Make Some Noise Series.

April 28: 1:30 - 4:00.

May 19th: 1:30 - 4:00.

June 9th: 1:30 - 4:00.

Calling all young women, ages 10 - 13. Have you ever wanted to really change the world? Join other girls your age, to explore your strength and power. 

Join Rebecca for mindfulness, movement, and creative arts - Sunday afternoons. 

Our themes are different, each class, but we will play the same way each time. 

During this class, you will do Movement (Dance, Fitness, Yoga)
AND Creative Arts ( drawing, creative writing, group art projects)

Don’t worry if you don’t LOVE one of these things, and PLEASE don’t worry if you haven’t tried it. 

Why our class is so fun is because YOU get to move your body, practice good ways to talk to friends, and make some really cool stuff. 

April: What does Girl Power mean to you?: Find out about your true super power.

May: Giving and Growing: Being an active member of your community. 

June: What's your jam?: Explore your favorite things and what makes you so unique and awesome. 

Class can be applied toward Jr. Counselor Certification.