Rebecca Kanov

Rebecca Kanov

Creative Arts Therapist

Rebecca Kanov has been dancing her whole life. Not only has it been her passion and career focus, it has been her primary mode of self-expression. When she met her husband, while in school for Creative Arts Therapy at Pratt Institute, he asked so many questions (as did his parents). “What is Creative Arts Therapy?” “What do you mean dance your feelings?” As their relationship grew, so did his ability to explain his wife’s career - Movement gives you insight into how you are feeling and experiencing the world. 

Rebecca started her journey in Atlanta, teaching dance, fitness, and practicing body work. Graduate school sent her to New York City. She now has been teaching children, supporting and connecting families for over 20 years, the last 12 in Denver.  

Rebecca has worked with children of all ages using movement and creative arts in many different settings: including schools, treatment facilities, yoga festivals, and in the studio. She has educated care givers and teachers on how to best connect with their littlest ones though creative arts therapy, massage, and movement. Connecting with these families and children has increasingly raised Rebecca’s awareness to the need for kiddos to play and be in the moment in order to feel grounded and self-express. 

Each phase of her life brought new insight into her clients. Pregnancy, new “momdom,” parenting crazy toddlers, and supporting their mamas has all informed her curriculum and practice on how to best use creativity as a tool for self expression. 

After developing a training program and curriculum, she became more dedicated to the cause of implementing programming using movement and creative arts in traditional learning environments. 

Rebecca is available for staff education, trainings, and consultation. 

“Everyone is creative, and when we tap into that creativity, we get to play.”