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Out of the Toy Box and Back to the Basics

I am so excited to partner with Jill Loftus, - MS, OTR/Registered Occupational for a week of Summer Camp for kids ages 3 - 6. Thank you, Jill, for kicking off our Spring Blog Series with this post!

Out of the Toy Box and Back to the Basics

Parents are always looking for what’s new and exciting in the world of toys. But sometimes the latest and greatest is not always the best. What if there was a class that provided your kids with simple, easy to find and cheap toys and tools that would promote their developmental skills. 

As a pediatric occupational therapist, I hear parents saying:

“My child holds his pencil like an octopus”

“My son just wants to play video games or be on his IPAD”

“My daughter has a difficult time creating simple craft projects”

“It seems like my child has two left feet”

Well, guess what?! The camp that Rebecca Kanov and I have created can solve this and many other questions and concerns parents are having regarding their children. We want to bring kids back to basics to build their foundational developmental skills!

Out of the Toy Box is a week-long camp that will allow children to develop creative thinking, gross motor, fine motor, sensory and social skills through play with everyday materials. We are using items, primarily from the dollar store that can create “box of fun” for every child.

For example, how many different activities can you create with a jump rope?

1. Walk across it

2. Jump over it, jump over it on the floor, tie it to chair legs and jump over an elevated level

3. Hang clothespins from it

4. Teach shoe tying with it

5. Make letters, numbers and shapes with it

Each day will promote a different developmental area including gross motor skills, fine motor development, eye hand coordination, sensory development, social skills and more! By the end of the week, your child will have a box filled with ideas for play! We are also including activity cards that show you 5 or more ways to use each item.

Where to find us this Summer……

Kidsense Pediatric Studio

June 17 - June 21: 12:30 - 2:30

TO Book:

Summer of Magic....

Sumer is upon us, y’all.

In Summer Camp world, it starts January 1st…. for reals. This is a little intense in my opinion, and really stressful to manage.

We, parents, experience the pressure of booking our kids activities WAY in advance, with the innate fear of having to entertain our children for consistent daylight hours.

Will our kids have a full experience? Will they remember how to read, or dress themselves come August? What will I do with my kids when I have to work, shower, grocery shop, or breathe? We go from zero to 60 in a blink. It’s all too much for me. And, I say that as someone who would rather my kids be with my all day, rather than at school.

Even when they are ungrateful monsters.

Summer for us = freedom. I love late nights, pool dinners, no plans. So this year, Arts & Minds is changing its tune.

We have DROP IN half and full day camps every day.

There is always movement. We will always do a creative arts project. We will always give.

This Summer, I am partnering with wonderful organizations in Denver: Hot Mamas Exercise - our daily partners and leaders of women’s fitness in Denver.

The Kid Conscious Project, Compost Colorado, Honest OT, Wendy Kelly Our neighbors Smith & Cannon, and Bumble Tea. Together, we are offering incredible programming for our children.

Through our partnerships we are connecting our littlest members of our community on an intentional level. And, to give your family holistic, creative offerings of support.

Coming UP this Spring and Summer

My goal through Arts & Minds is to give our children the platform to change the world.

Let’s make some magic this Summer.