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Happy International Self Care Day

I am surrounded by special angels…some are near, and some are far. Some I have known for months, and some for many years. This delightful angel, I have known for 20+ years. Lacy is a rock star mama, business women now living in Western OZ. Her husband, Gordon and babies Hamish and Ruby - circle her with love and light.

Lacy’s give back to us - is her grounding presence, and wisdom.

When she was 16, younger than me at the time… I asked her for advice, and relied on her truth as guidance. Her mediation practice is that of a working mama of two littles…

Anything is possible. No judgment, no pressure.

Just the question.

How do you give to others? Do you give from your own reserve. What is your recharge?

💓Happy International Self Care Day💓 

Love, Lacy Gow

My favourite daily method of self care is meditation given I am a former ‘action obsessed’ addict ✅ turned loving living present mama🧘‍♀️ 

Here are my top tips for starting a consistent practice: 

➕Commit: on average it takes 66 days to create a habit so choose a schedule you can stick with even if it is 10 minutes a day for 5 days a week. I commit to 40+ minutes, 5 days a week. 

➕Get comfy: find a position you can be in comfortably for the entire duration. I like lying in my bed with my heated blanket on but some people like kneeling, sitting cross legged, in a chair - whatever feels good for your body.  

➕Focus on your breathing: I do a deep breath in for a count of 7 trying to expand my rib cage and push the air to the back of my lungs and then a deep breath out for another count of 7 trying to get all that air out from deep within contracting my rib cage. You may find a count of 7 a bit of a struggle at first, so find a count that feels comfortable and sustainable. 

I focus on breathing in white healing energy through the chakra at the crown of my head and breathing out energy which no longer serves me through my throat chakra into an imaginary blue flame.  Some people just count, focus on words like breath in love, breath out peace. Experiment and find what feels comfortable. 

➕Silence v Noise: I sit in silence (or white noise if I have the baby monitor on) but some people enjoy listening to something (especially if you can’t find a quiet space). You can download Spotify for free and experiment with guided meditations/affirmations (I like Jess Shepherd), abundance music (I like Steve Halpern) or motivational speeches (I like fearless soul). Again, experiment to find what feels good. 

➕Light v Dark: I like a naturally light room with the sun shining through as it helps with my visualisation of the healing light and makes me happy, but you may enjoy a dim or dark room. Some people even put an eye pillow over their eyes - again, I recommend experimenting until you find what feels best for you. 

Then set your timer, get comfy, start your breathing and noise (if applicable). 

Connect your pointer finger to thumb on your hands during the practice and when breathing in, keep your mouth closed and tongue on the roof of your mouth. When you breath out, open your mouth. I like to breath like I’m steaming a window. 

As your thoughts start running away with you (as they do for everyone, all the time!) and you catch yourself off on a tangent, bring yourself (non-judgmentally) back to your breath. 

Some days I find focusing easy and refreshing; other days it is a huge challenge and full on. Remember, this is an opportunity to bring us to the present and may not feel that relaxing some days! It is hard but extremely rewarding work❤️

About me: I am a life loving mama on a mission to bring more happiness and love into this world. I have two little people, Hamish (2y 9mo) and Ruby (9 mo), a fur baby Zeus and my partner in crime, Gordon. If your interested in learning more about my self care journey or just see what we are up to living on the other side of the globe in Perth, Australia, follow me on Instagram @lacykategow. Sending my love to you all and good luck with your meditation journey 💓