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Spring Goals

Winter just flew by with Enrichments across Denver.  We had a blast! The kids made Journals, presents for our family and schools, and created movement stories with friends. We ended our Steele Elementary Session with an amazing Sound Off Experience Movement Class. Yoga, Dance, Ivivva Clothes, and Headphones!!! Big shout out to my buddy, Cheryl Spriggs for the amazing snaps.

My little yogis LOVED the class - I loved our connection through the headphones. 


Tree Pose 

Tree Pose 

Lizard on a Rock 

Lizard on a Rock 

 Spring is here, and in the Kanov House that means – get outside! We are obsessed with tank tops, lemonade, walks at the park. Spring Enrichments are underway. Keeping in mind, most of Denver wants to be outside in the beautiful sunshine, I wonder – how can we bring the outside in through Movement and Creative Arts? 

This Spring in Enrichments, we are continuing to explore aspects of our personality and what makes us happy, sad, feel safe, scared, and like a super hero. We’re making Spring Goal Journals, Gardening Movement Stories, and playing Freeze Dance with playground shapes.  

My kids, who are 4 and 7, have lots of input into my classes and camps. They don’t always love coming to my classes but when they do, they dive right in.  This past week, the Kanov Kids were in attendance for an Enrichment Session as we made our goals for our Spring Session: 

Freeze Dance

Special Treats (non-edible ones)

Partner Yoga with Headphones… all made the top three. 

When we were headed home, my littlest asked, “Well, what are our Spring Goals?” This was great, because our discussion turned from “Why can’t I play my iPad today?” which I was grateful not to revisit, AGAIN.

So here are the Kanov Kids top THREE…. 


1. Fairy Garden: Tooth Fairy, Potty Fairy, and Karma Fairy have been visitors in the Kanov House. Wonder who will show up next!? Let’s plant it, and see. I think the Gratitude Fairy is close. 

2. Zucchini Bread: Any way to get my kids baking. Baking = math skills, sensory development, increased awareness into diet. And, Zucchini bread is delish! 

3. Bike Riding: My darling husband read somewhere that kids should learn to ride a bike going down a hill. So last summer, he decided to take my then 6 year old to the park and let him ride down a hill, and my son steered right INTO A TREE! Its taken a while for him to even touch his bike. The trauma was real…. But now were back, and I have high hopes for my 7 year old.

Want to see Enrichments (Headphones, optional) at your school next Spring? Email me! Want to Garden? Join us this Summer any Arts & Minds Half or Full Day Camp. We got a Garden plot!